Tuesday, June 10, 2008

One Hundred and Fifty-Seventh Entry

I had a REALLY bad nightmare last night. It's also two thousand degrees here today. Also, I scratched my glasses and need to get new lenses. Just things going on in Steve-land. Here's another Animal Kingdom poem.

Here's my poem:


The kitchen table is covered in white cotton,
and I am drinking a cup full of ants.
Her breasts are touched by sunlight
and begin to turn blue, then red,
and are topographical like a globe's surface.
I am eating the meat off a skeleton.
In the future I will eat mostly worms.
Other people will live on this globe,
or so my encyclopedia says on my computer.
Her breasts exist in the future,
underneath a button-down shirt
made of white cotton.


Maggie May said...

i really liked this poem! love the ants. i recently used ants as a strong image in a poem i wrote about revenge.

Vanished friend said...

Dude, every fucking poem you write contains superfluous violence. You need a hug.

Anonymous said...

This is fucking garbage. Real reservoir tip detritus!